Clap Talk – Travellers In Classrooms — with Clap Global.

Clap Talk – Travellers In Classrooms — with Clap Global.

They say when you travel far enough you meet yourself. For ages, travelling has been one of the best ways known to man when one wanted to explore and expand his/her horizons and also have a better knowledge of the world.

With this very thought in mind Sanskriti The Gurukul joined hands with Clap Global to bring both international and local travellers to classrooms. The main motive behind this initiative was to add a new dimension to how children learn about other countries and their cultures. By sharing their life experiences and perspectives, travellers help students gain an insight into how they perceive other nations/races/backgrounds apart from their own.

The first round of Clap talks concluded successfully for classes I to VI this June with the travellers holding amazing and enriching talk sessions for students. Here are a few snapshots from the Claptalks Session for classes 1 to 6 conducted by Kenyan traveller Ms. Brandy Kemunto Amir and local traveller from Mumbai Mr. Zahir Mirza.

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