Creative Platform

At Sanskriti The Gurukul, we believe that art, culture and music are an important part of a child’s upbringing. Children need a platform to unleash their creativity, to understand and appreciate Indian and world culture and preserve it for years to come.

Our music department is set out at the much envied nook of the school, with a beautiful view of the hills and green pastures surrounding the school. The airy and bright rooms provide just the right ambience for the students to learn and make music. We have a group of very talented musicians who impart the students lessons on varied musical instruments such as the tabla, guitar, violin, keyboard and drums to name a few. Students are also trained in Indian classical vocal music.

Students are also provided the opportunity to learn diverse dance forms such as Indian classical dance, Indian and Western folk dances and other global dance forms.

We encourage students to hone their skills in art and craft as they stimulate their imagination.  Our students pursue these with passion and are taught various forms of painting, sculpting, hand block printing, sewing and other forms of local handicrafts.

The bakery classes are immensely popular with the students. Our girls and boys take keen interest to make some gourmet delights such as cakes, muffins, tarts et al.

As a member of SPICMACAY, the school provides a platform to the studentds to interact, meet and watch live performances of celebrated artists like Sonal Mansingh, Vishwamohan Bhatt, Geeta Chandran and others, who have won high accolade in their fields.