Learning Eclipse through Hide and Seek (SC – II)

Learning Eclipse through Hide and Seek (SC – II)

“As the sun wraps his arms around the moon,
She craves his touch like it’ll be gone too soon.
The warmth he gave was burning her skin
Caressing her very soul within
As they eclipse and darken the bright sky
She can’t help but wonder why
After all this time, she’s been waiting for him.”

The students of SC-II were introduced to the concept of eclipse with Hide and Seek activity.
They hid the moon behind the Globe, then one of them focussed the torch on the globe, surprisingly they observed that the moon was hidden by the earth’s shadow when the torch representing the sun shone on the earth represented by the globe.

They learned that it was called a lunar eclipse. They were amazed to learn that a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun causing a shadow to fall on certain portions of the Earth.

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