Poop to paper.

An educational field trip to Elrhino Eco Industries Pvt. Ltd. Satabari, Assam was organized on 19th October’19 (Saturday), for the Environmental Science students of SC IX and XI.

Elrhino Eco Industries is a unique organization that processes Elephant (El) and Rhino (rhino) poop to manufacture paper products with a strong vision of making tree-free paper. Under this project, our students were provided an opportunity to visit the Elrhino Workshop and learn the art of making paper from the fecal matter. The students not only got a hands-on experience for the art of papermaking but they also learnt about the tie and dye technique used at the workshop to create colorful paper sheets and developed an understanding about the use of various plant fibers (such as water hyacinth, banana etc) in manufacturing the paper. It was an inspiring experience for the students where they realized how entrepreneurship and conservation of the environment can go hand in hand.